Hey music lovers! Diving into Cobbler’s latest masterpiece, “No One Knows The Question”, it’s clear this electronic maestro from Sheffield is on a soul-stirring journey. His fourth album, rich with themes of personal change and the pains of lost friendships, continues his evolution with all-new material that resonates deeply. From the wanderlust-driven anthems like “Wanderlust” to the contemplative depths of “Big Sky”, each track is a heartfelt exploration underpinned by Cobbler’s unique electronic flair.

Songs like “No White Knight” and “A Guy With A Bad Idea” intricately detail the emotional landscapes of shifting relationships, while “Vincent Vega” turns an eye towards societal observations, all wrapped in Cobbler’s signature sound. It’s more than music; it’s a narrative tapestry woven with the threads of experience and introspection.

In my opinion, this album is a profound statement from Cobbler, showcasing his growth not only as an artist but as a storyteller. Each track offers a piece of his journey, making it incredibly relatable and profoundly impactful. So, give it a listen, and don’t forget to follow Cobbler on social media to stay updated with his musical adventures!