“Mania” by Benathon, released as part of his debut EP ‘Under The Moon’, is a fascinating exploration of the interplay between visual storytelling and musical expression. The music video, set in Gold Coast Studio in Burleigh Heads Queensland, serves as a direct sequel to his first music video and lead single from the EP, ‘Out Of Reach’. The narrative continuity is striking, beginning where ‘Out Of Reach’ left off, with Benathon being attacked. This continuity adds depth to the overall experience.

The collaborative direction by Benathon, Steven Caldwell of Caldwell Entertainment, and Dom Bradley, is visually compelling. It portrays Benathon’s transformation into a new vessel for Pop Music and Pop Culture under the supervision of ‘The Scientist’ (Isabella Jones). This transformation and its aftermath are not only visually captivating but also metaphorically rich, reflecting themes of control, liberation, and the power of self-awareness.

“Mania” is intricate and thought-provoking. It serves as a monologue from Benathon to ‘The Scientist’ during his transformation, paralleling the tumultuous thoughts one experiences when encountering a new love interest. This dual narrative effectively captures the essence of overthinking, the feeling of losing oneself in thought, and the intoxicating rush of emotions.

Benathon’s songwriting shines through in “Mania”. His ability to weave complex narratives into his music, both visually and lyrically, makes this song a standout piece. It’s not just a song but a multi-dimensional artistic expression that challenges the conventional boundaries of pop music. The song, coupled with its music video, concludes the ‘Under The Moon’ era, leaving fans excited and curious about what’s next for Benathon. His innovative approach to storytelling through music sets a high bar for future works.