Q: Hi! “Bye Bye Baby” has a unique sound that fans are really connecting with. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the song and what you wanted to convey through its lyrics and melody?

A: I suppose like anything I commit to creatively Bye Bye Baby came from various experiences and feelings that filtered through my lens. I was sitting on a bench near my house and the melody and words came to me out of nowhere. I went back to my garage and laid down the bones of the track in one evening.

Q: The band has been described as a band born from an ‘otherworldly musical connection.’ Can you elaborate on how the band members came together in Winnipeg and what sparked that connection?

A: I believe our manager wrote that, it’s not bad! I’d been looking to put together a group of willing and capable individuals to showcase the recordings I’d made. Only Nate (keys) remains from our first gig but interestingly enough the rhythm section (Joey and Steve) were in the audience that night. When that first one off line-up fell through I asked them to join. I’d played with Joey in a band previous and knew him to have the stuff. Steve plays with Joey in a different band so they know how to communicate. Funny bunch of fellas too, it all makes sense.

Q: With each member coming from a distinct musical background, how does VVonder manage to blend these different influences into a cohesive sound?

A: It’s fairly simple to remain cohesive when we all dig the tunes. So far we haven’t played anything that anyone in the band dislikes though of course some songs are more beloved than others depending on who you ask.

Q: What challenges did you face while creating “Bye Bye Baby,” and how did you overcome them?

A: Drums. I can’t play drums and didn’t have a band yet so I had to find a drummer. Also the bass I recorded didn’t sound very good so there was a lot of mixing stuff that we had to do to get it to be ok.

Q: Could you walk us through the story of how VVonder was formed and the journey that led to where you are today?

A: I used to use drugs and they ruined my last band. When I got sober I had a bunch of stuff I’d worked on after the old band split. I took some of those demos and made them into proper recordings and wrote some new tunes as well. I recorded the record with friends and eventually decided it would be cool to play these songs live. I harangued friends new and old into being part of the project and named it VVonder (with 2 V’s) because there are 5 or 6 rappers in the UK called Wonder.

Q: What have been some of the most influential musical inspirations for the band, and how do they manifest in your music, particularly in “Bye Bye Baby”?

A: The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Nirvana, Elliott Smith. These are a few of the influences. I listen to this stuff and it inspires me.

Q: The music industry can be incredibly challenging. What milestones has VVonder achieved that have been pivotal in your career?

A: If Paul McCartney heard our music he would probably enjoy it.

Q: “Bye Bye Baby” has elements that could resonate with many people. What is the message you hope listeners take away from this song?

A: I would just hope that it makes people happy and covers a wide enough emotional range that anyone can relate to it.

Q: What is the next step for VVonder following the release of “Bye Bye Baby”? Are there any upcoming projects or tours that fans can look forward to?

A: New record tentatively titled “Wonder” is in the process of being recorded.