The latest EP by Aristo G, “Overdrive”, is a vivid testimony of his originality and the liveliness of Melbourne’s music industry. This EP, which was released just last month, is the first big leap into gothic alternative pop, where Aristo G’s lyricism and his voice are very rich. Influenced by a plethora of sources, such as disco and post-punk, “Overdrive” is an intriguing study of the human condition, life, and love.

Aristo’s voice is very frank and open helping listeners to go through a personal journey, while the lush synth and guitar riffs of the EP create an atmosphere of immersion. This is because “Overdrive” not only follows the line of Aristo G’s dance floor anthems that have conquered the globe – with airplay on BBC Radio One – but also opens up a new artistic period. This EP is not just a collection of songs; it’s a profound journey through the intricate landscapes of emotion and thought, solidifying Aristo G’s place as a visionary in the contemporary music scene.