The newest release of Jenna Vivacora, “Important to Try”, is a masterful mix of cinematic pop, which touches deep the hearts of the listeners. The song is a touching overview of Vivacora’s long personal journey that was characterized by the fact that she lived in four countries and six states during the last decade.

Not only is Jenna a cinematic pop artist and multi-instrumentalist based in Nashville, but she also has a playwright talent coming from a rich multiethnic background. Her music is a painting, a setting of her nomadic life, her studies at the US Naval Academy, her struggles with chronic illness, and her deep cross-cultural experiences in places like Central Asia, Turkey, and Germany. “Important to Try” is a wonderful example of how she can manage to combine these various threads together into a persuasive musical story that promotes the idea of a person’s steadfastness and the ability to keep on trying despite everything. This song is a testimony to Jenna’s ability to produce music that is very personal yet universally comprehensible.