“Winter Solstice” by The Will McBride Group is a gem that captures the journey and musical skill of the band. This song goes beyond being a track; it’s a tribute to the group’s dedication and talent having performed in over 700 shows since they started.

Right from the start “Winter Solstice” transports you into a world of brilliance. The arrangement of the song is a fusion of rock, blues, and soul showcasing the band’s versatility. The vocals are absolutely captivating delivering lyrics with emotion.

With performances throughout North Carolina and in Virginia and South Carolina, the Will McBride Group has perfected their craft. Garnered a loyal following. You can feel their energy and passion in this song evidence that they have enthralled audiences in some of North Carolina’s venues.

“Winter Solstice” is a triumph that highlights the talent of The Will McBride Group and celebrates years of hard work. It’s a must-listen for anyone who appreciates music infused with rock vibes and a touch of magic. This track speaks volumes about their lasting impact, on the music scene leaving us anticipating where their journey will take them next.