I absolutely adore Timothy Jaromir’s new single “Rebound”. The song, released under Vissen Records on April 26, 2024, is a heartfelt journey into self-love and personal growth. It beautifully encapsulates the realization that happiness cannot be found in old patterns of behavior. Jaromir’s lyrics, “Took some time alone now I know myself, you’re the one, full stop, this ain’t a rebound,” resonate deeply, offering listeners a raw and intimate reflection. The track, a prelude to his upcoming EP “Man Atlas,” stands out for its acoustic indie-folk vibe and has deservedly made it to the semi-finals of the International Songwriting Competition.

Timothy Jaromir’s music is a celebration of human complexity and a testament to his evolving artistry. For anyone who appreciates music that delves into the essence of personal discovery, following Timothy online for his future releases is an absolute must.

Check the live video: