The Pigeon Detectives have unveiled their latest single, “Falling To Pieces,” from their upcoming LP, TV Show.

For those not familiar with the band’s nearly two-decade journey, The Pigeon Detectives originated in Leeds back in 2006. Without delving into their extensive history, it suffices to say that if “Falling To Pieces” resonates with your musical palate, you’ll have a rich back catalog to explore before the new album drops on July 7th. Remarkably, the band has maintained its original lineup throughout this time, fostering an exceptional level of cohesion, resulting in one of the most tightly-knit rhythm sections in the realm of indie rock.

Speaking of indie rock, that’s precisely what you’ll encounter within “Falling To Pieces.” The track commences with an immersive wall of sound, meticulously assembled with drums, bass, and fuzzy guitars, spiced up with a clap or two to ensure maximum enjoyment. The vocals make their entrance, initially delivering the line that inspired the song’s title, ensuring this earworm finds a permanent residence within your mind before divulging the rest of the first verse.

What truly stands out is the production’s ability to slow down and peel away layers during the refrain, granting each listener a glimpse into the band’s intricate songwriting dynamics. One can easily imagine the audience going wild in response to the sudden surge of energy that punctuates the end of each chorus and ushers in each verse. Forgoing a traditional bridge, the band opts for an exhilarating, pedal-to-the-metal ending, featuring thunderous drums and electrifying vocal prowess.