The most recent song from The Jinny Joes, ‘Will you try?’ is a hair-raising, soul-stirring piece that captures what folk music is all about. The trio from Montreal, which is comprised of the enchanting vocals of Rebecca Egan and Joanna DeGrâce with masterful guitar and multi-instrumental talents of Alain Gaudet, offers a song that hits close to home for the listeners.

Their unique name, which is derived from the Irish word for dandelions, also mirrors the spontaneous and organic formation of the group, a feature that is translated into their music. ‘Will You Try?’ is more than just a song – it is an opportunity to feel the curative magic of music, with elegant tunes and harmonies that talk straight to the heart. This one single further settles The Jinny Joes in the folk scene and promises a brilliant future for this excellent trio.