The Graft’s new single ‘Superman’ from their first album ‘Chirpse’ is a delightful track that embodies love through its touching lyrics and memorable tune. Originating from Camden, London, The Graft demonstrates their amazing skill in fusing melodic elements with emotional depth.

The song is laced with the mesmerizing backing vocals of Kaya Affleck which adds a soulful layer of harmony to the track and takes it to new levels. One of the most prominent features of ‘Superman’ is its vocals which create a picture of emotion and resonance that is gripping right from the start. Launched at a colorful event at ‘Off the Cuff’ in Herne Hill, south London on the 6th of October, 2023, ‘Superman’ is the romantic soul of the album, leaving listeners captivated and wanting more. This release of The Graft has really raised the bar for indie music.