The Gleeman’s ‘Somebody’ is a captivating blend of emotionally charged storytelling and irresistible melody. The song, part of a larger narrative titled ‘The Ballad Of Aaron & Amy,’ tells the poignant story of Aaron, a man grappling with the pain of losing his love a decade ago and the complex emotions that come with moving on. The Gleeman’s voice is one of the best heard this year, delivering a catchy groove that is easy to sing along with. The song’s musical rollercoaster ride artfully juxtaposes a heart-wrenching narrative with a captivating melody, showcasing The Gleeman’s exceptional songwriting skills.

The Gleeman, a UK singer-songwriter, impresses with his storytelling credentials, enriched by the accompanying video made by BAFTA-winning and EMMY-nominated TV & Feature Film Director, Martin Gooch. The video features renowned actresses, amplifying the song’s narrative and adding a visual dimension to the captivating narrative.

As an artist, The Gleeman is a masterful storyteller, sometimes fictional, sometimes devastatingly personal, with melodies that stick with you and lyrics that draw you in deeper. He embarked on his musical journey later in life, proving that age is no barrier to pursuing your dreams. His songs are inspired by his upbringing, personal loss, inspirational figures, and takes on mental health, balanced with uplifting fictional storytelling.

‘Somebody’ is a testament to The Gleeman’s songwriting and storytelling abilities, showcasing his talent and artistry. With its heartfelt lyrics, memorable melody, and stunning music video, it leaves audiences eagerly awaiting the release of his debut album, ‘Something To Say’.