Hey music lovers, it’s Hayden here! I’m thrilled to dive into “You Work For Us Now,” the debut single from The Exact Opposite, crafted by the talented duo Jamie Stuart and Nigel Powell, this track is a musical expedition back to their roots, infusing Jamie’s edgy post-punk riffs with an insistent dance rhythm that’s absolutely infectious.

Recorded in Jonny Greenwood’s studio as part of their upcoming album “Skill Issue”, this song not only encapsulates the spirit of never giving up, especially in the arts but also highlights the band’s unique sound and their deep, dynamic musical synergy. Plus, the accompanying video directed by Nigel is nothing short of atmospheric and engaging!

For those who appreciate a blend of thoughtful lyrics and compelling beats, “You Work For Us Now” is a must-listen. Don’t forget to follow The Exact Opposite on social media to keep up with their latest releases and tour dates. Their journey is just beginning, and you won’t want to miss where they go next!