TELUS, a young band from Aalborg, has recently released their captivating single “Neon Lights”. The track showcases the group’s emotional post-punk sound, which they describe as “forehead hair punk”. The song’s melancholic guitar and hypnotizing bass lines create an intense atmosphere that demands the listener’s undivided attention.

The vulnerability in lead singer Tobias Facius Christensen’s voice adds a layer of intimacy to the track, reminiscent of emo music, while the instrumentation leans more towards post-punk and dark waves. “Neon Lights” tells a story about two people falling out of love, and the raw emotion in the lyrics and music make it a powerful listening experience.

The band’s background began in a high school classroom, where five friends united by their passion for music came together to create. Their debut single, “It Must Die (So I Can Survive),” was released in 2021, and they have continued to impress with their unique sound and heartfelt lyrics.

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Overall, “Neon Lights” is a compelling and emotional track that showcases TELUS’ talent and potential in the post-punk scene. With their distinctive sound and powerful lyrics, this band is definitely one to watch.