Suzumeno Tears’ album “Sparrow’s Arrows Fly so High” is an enthralling journey across continents and cultures. Combining the traditional Goze-Uta of Japan with Bulgarian folk melodies, each track, from ‘Kawaigaranse’ to ‘Mandra Mea’, is a masterclass in fusion and harmony.

The standout tracks blend the plaintive cries of Japanese and Bulgarian instruments, creating a soundscape that is both familiar and wonderfully alien. The intricate guitar work and Balkan harmonies introduced by Agatha and Miyuki Sato breathe fresh life into ancient songs, revealing hidden layers of emotional depth and technical prowess.

Personally, I really love the album, why? The blending of traditional Japanese and Balkan folk music in “Sparrow’s Arrows Fly so High” creates a stunning auditory tapestry that is both innovative and deeply respectful of its roots.