Storytell’s album, “Earth, Love, and Roses” is a captivating mix of sounds that seem to have been pulled from the heart of the earth and intertwined with strands of ethereal ether. Each track, from the earthy cadences of “Cool Winds” to the haunting reverberations of “Gekko Blues”, captures an aspect of Kriya Yoga’s holistic world, thus, this album is a deep listening experience.

Pix, Tony DiCarlo, and Steven Dodds weave a magical aural tapestry through their artful blending of traditional and experimental instruments, which is at once innovative and nostalgic. ‘Earth, Love, and Roses’ not only shows Storytell’s diversity and complexity but also cements their role as modern-day storytellers, masterfully employing music to evoke the primitive and the divine, this album is a must-hear.