StandBy – “All For Nothing”

The first album of StandBy, “All For Nothing”, is a breath of fresh air from the past, as it celebrates both the raw power and the emotional depth of 90’s alternative rock, and even the legends of the time like Silverchair. This trio of youngsters from LA, which includes Eddie Dolak, Tre Poutre, and Trevor Quinn, shows an amazing level of musicianship and maturity well beyond their age.

Dropping on February 29th, 2024, the album is a hard rock and alt-rock clinic, fusing strong guitar riffs, catchy bass lines, and energetic drum work with Dolak’s unique voice as the front. The thing that makes StandBy unique is their talent to connect intricate melodies with deep lyrics that make the songs alive on a very personal level. Every song on “All For Nothing” is a trip through the highs and lows of youth and is characterized by an authenticity that grabs the listener from moment one to the final note. This record is not only a debut; it is a powerful announcement of the arrival of StandBy as a dominant player in the rock music arena.