The first album of Solwater, “feel it all the way”, is an impressive journey through human feelings, combining poetic lyrics with soulful tunes. Co-produced by the gifted Luke Anderson and John Alevizakis, the album is a deep journey of longing, belonging, grief, and gratitude. The musical ensemble, recorded at Little Buddha Studios, features the hypnotic vocal harmonies of Aea Luz and the captivating lead vocals and fingerstyle guitar of Luke Anderson, producing a lush soundscape that is both uplifting and grounding.

Solwater’s musicality and storytelling are evident in each track of the album, from “Belonging” which is a reflective look at grief and healing to the instrumental beauty of “Jaguar Calling”. One of the main highlights of the album is Luke Anderson’s vocal performance, as he has a talent for expressing profound emotions and making the listener feel like he is talking to him personally. This connection is best represented by the title track of the album, “Feel it all the way”, which encourages the listeners to live their lives with a broken heart that is still capable of love.

“Feel It All the Way” is not just an album; it is an invitation to a more soulful way of living, promoting thankfulness for the suffering that makes our hearts open. In times when humanity is confronted with major challenges, Solwater is a reminder of the curative nature of music, thus making “feel it all the way” a gift of the times.