Kara Cole’s self-titled EP is a captivating blend of Country, Americana, and Alt-Country music genres, showcasing her unique musical prowess. Born and raised in the Midwest, Indianapolis is her home. The EP chronicles her journey through a profoundly abusive relationship she courageously escaped. The haunting undertones of her vocals and the affliction in her delivery make you believe in her pain.

The EP features six emotionally charged tracks, including “Waiting on You,” a poignant breakup song that embodies the realization that releasing her grip allowed her to see the relationship’s true nature. The song captivates with its effortless melodies, emotive vocals, and a dynamic modern Americana sound. Another standout track, “Mary Francis,” is a touching tribute to her grandmother who battled Alzheimer’s and passed away in 2021. The bluesy folk-rock song features a slow, waltzy beat, a piano organ, and Kara’s soulful vocals.

Kara Cole’s talent as a singer-songwriter is evident in her ability to tell heart-wrenching stories through her music. Coming out of addiction and starting her journey in recovery, Kara gives credit to music for saving her. She recently celebrated six years of sobriety and uses music as a coping mechanism to express and process her emotions. Her voice has a familiar quality reminiscent of Emmylou Harris’s “Red Dirt Girl” record, yet it is uniquely her own.

Kara Cole’s self-titled EP is a powerful and emotional exploration of her life experiences, showcasing her exceptional talent as a singer-songwriter. The EP’s blend of Country, Americana, and Alt-Country genres, combined with her emotive vocals and heartfelt storytelling, make it a must-listen for fans of these genres and beyond.