“Happy Days” by Seasonal Falls is a heartfelt journey through the complexities of life, distilled into a beautifully melancholic yet uplifting album. The indie-folk/pop duo, consisting of Roman Gabriel and Andrew Pelletier, showcases a refined sound that resonates with anyone who’s ever felt a pang of nostalgia or a burst of hope. The production, layered with acoustic warmth and the occasional sparkle of pedal steel, gives each track a breath of fresh air. Standout tracks like “Happy Dayz” and “Half-Moon” weave intricate tales that strike a chord with their earnest lyricism and mellow vibes. This album is a reminder of the power of music to transport and transform.

I’m genuinely impressed with how “Happy Days” turns everyday melancholy into anthems of personal resilience and joy. It’s an album that deserves to be on repeat. Don’t miss out on Seasonal Falls’ future projects, follow them on Instagram and Spotify to catch all the new music they have lined up for the rest of this year.