Sam Feinstein’s newest single, Hamster Wheel is a breath of fresh air in contemporary music – and it catalyzes a pivotal moment on the artist’s artistic path. Released on November 30 and available on all platforms, the song marks Feinstein’s highly-anticipated return to making music with his band, “The Monitors”, after a tough hiatus.

“Hamster Wheel” is catchy, but what stands out more is its artistic value as a representative of those who keep going and evolve. Created by Sam in September and October, it is a do-it-yourself homage to the band, summarizing their past and teasing an exciting future ahead. This track reveals the group’s unusual fusion of rock with electronic elements into a single experimental but coherent unit of sound, which is both captivating and deep.

More than just a track, “Hamster Wheel,” is a story of survival, a composition of genre blending, and an anticipation of what will happen with Sam Feinstein and The Monitors next. This matter simply has to give a spin to anyone who wants to witness the great evolution of music from the perspective of beautiful artists and their dedication.