Paradise of Bachelors is set to reissue Roxy Gordon’s 1988 album, “Crazy Horse Never Died,” on May 12th. Regrettably, I had never come across the late Choctaw, Assiniboine, and Texan poet, journalist, artist, activist, and musician Roxy Gordon (First Coyote Boy), who passed away in 2000. However, upon learning about his remarkable life achievements and the fact that Townes and Terry Allen were admirers of his work, my curiosity was piqued.

Gordon’s musical style can be described as a fusion of John Prine and John Trudell, with a distinctive twang that adds a touch of humor to his candid, cutting, and truthful storytelling on topics such as identity and history. His latest single serves as a witty and profoundly insightful commentary on capitalism, colonialism, and the arbitrary, absurd aspects of both, challenging the established societal norms of the past and, unfortunately, the present. Give it a listen and prepare to gain a new perspective.