The Polish-born, London-based pop/soul sensation, Rose White has once again captured the attention of her listeners through her new single, “ Mistake I Want To Make”, released on 19 th January. This bubbly track is one of the many that are evidence of Rose’s ability to fuse funky pop, soul, and funk grooves with addictive hooks, in a truly empowering style that is both reinvigorating and motivating.

The song has a great voice that reminds of great singers such as Duffy, Olivia Dean, and Amy Winehouse. The voice paints a number of emotions in a way that makes the audience relate to the song on a personal level. Rose’s style in songwriting is unapologetic in nature where she writes about subjects that are close to the hearts of many, yet not addressed by many. It is more than a song; it is an embodiment of self and a declaration of the power of human expression. It is a song that one listens to no matter how one appreciates the art of storytelling through music.