Robert Vendetta – “Vendetta Del Disco”

The most recent musical journey of Robert Vendetta, “Vendetta Del Disco”, is an enthralling odyssey through the landscapes of life, perfectly capturing the spirit of discovery, happiness, and the very essence of living in the moment. Packed with the charm of retro pop and flavored with a fusion of styles, from Rockeaton and prog rock to African influences and the unmistakable essence of David Bowie, this concept album is proof of Robert‘s deep versatility and creativity.

It is not just an album; it is a narrative odyssey about losing oneself to the dullness of work and finding salvation in the free spaces of dance and music, personified by the lively discotheque “Vendetta Del Disco.” Robert‘s first band record in years captures his trademark sound, yet goes further to include a wider musical palette, which makes it his most varied offering yet Through “Vendetta Del Disco”, Robert Vendetta invites you not only to visit his musical world but to go on a melodious adventure that is a celebration of small but important moments in life, making you want to dance, live, and set the world on fire.

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