Ranzel X Kendrick, a Texas-born singer-songwriter and guitarist, has released a captivating EP titled “Fubar” under his Alias Wayne project. The EP features four tracks that showcase Kendrick’s alternative singer/songwriter style, blending genres such as Texas Roots, Americana, Rock, Blues, Jazz, and World. The artist is known for his free-spirited, unorthodox musical savviness, and avant-garde melodies, which are praised for their originality and wholesome lyricism.

“Fubar” is a minimalistic record that dabbles in postmodernity while staying true to Kendrick’s unique style. The EP includes tracks such as “Love One Another,” “Window of My Soul,” “Eight Ball in the Corner Pocket,” and “Father Song”. These songs feature vulnerable tones, poetic lyrics, and pastoral harmonies, with the strings playing a crucial role in communication. Kendrick’s warm and sensitive vocals lead the way through the tracks, making them the focal point of the EP.

The EP has received positive reviews, with critics praising its intriguing and emotive indie offering. “Love One Another” has been particularly well-received, with its striking melodic underpinning and vocal harmonies. The song earned a Best Song of 2022 nomination. “Fubar” showcases Kendrick’s ability to create intimate and intensely personal music that resonates with listeners.

Ranzel X Kendrick, who is the nephew of country music legend Roger “King of the Road” Miller, has a growing fan base and has been recognized for his passionate harmonies and cleverly written vocals. With “Fubar,” Kendrick continues to captivate audiences with his unique sound and engaging musical storytelling.