Let’s dive into Principe Valiente’s latest gem, “In This Light”. This album marks a daring evolution for the band, weaving together a decade of artistry into 10 beautifully crafted tracks. From the ethereal soundscapes to the dark, ambient vibes that have defined their style since their debut, this album is a treat. It’s a rich blend of mellotrons, analog synths, Jimmy Ottosson’s mesmerizing guitar riffs, and Fernando Honorato’s hauntingly beautiful vocals. Plus, the singles “Something New” and “Inspired By Me” add a catchy, poppier twist that’s absolutely refreshing.

Frankly, this album is just a breathtaking ride through the depths of alternative music, showcasing their creative growth with every note and don’t miss out on this musical masterpiece, it’s their boldest and most direct work yet, and I think it’s absolutely fantastic!