“Hysterical” pulsates with whimsy at its very core. Pet Owner, with the assistance of mixing and mastering by Amadeus Fries, masterfully weaves a tapestry of unique sonic elements throughout the track. These include lively claps, computerized shrieks, and spirited gang vocals, all harmonizing with expansive synths and rhythmic beats. In parallel, the self-produced music video takes a delightful plunge into the realm of the strange and peculiar.

The visuals, a kaleidoscope of oddities, unfold in a 3-D desert that transforms into a surreal marshland. Rainbow amoebas drift through the air, with colors appearing, vanishing, and reappearing in a mesmerizing dance. The video eventually culminates in an animated ocean scene, where an exuberant orca whale defies gravity, leaping from the rippling waves. While the narrative may not always be crystal clear, “Hysterical” consistently offers an enthralling and enjoyable experience that revels in its playful eccentricity.