Hey guys! I just tuned into Morgan Chambers’ latest EP, “growing pains”, and wow, what a heartfelt ride through the ups and downs of life. Recorded at Dirt Floor Recording Studio and beautifully crafted by Morgan with producers Eric Lichter and Eli Novicky, this EP really resonates with anyone who’s faced love, loss, and the bittersweet tug of moving forward. From the opening track, “chasing dreamers,” which captures the ache of unfulfilling love, to “where do i go now?” which digs deep into the nostalgia of past relationships, each song is a chapter in the story of growing up.

The standout track for me has to be “wildfire heart”, it’s got that punch of emotion coupled with a strong message about moving on, even when it’s tough. If you’ve ever had to let go of someone to find yourself, this track will hit home.

Definitely give “growing pains” a listen and let Morgan’s words soothe some of your own growing pains. And hey, don’t forget to follow Morgan on social media to catch all the latest updates and tracks. This EP is a reminder that even when the past clings tight, the future’s still bright and worth the ride.