Hey everyone! Hayden here again with a new release, and I just can’t wait to share Meredith Louise’s new single “Stay Open” with you all. This soulful track has been on repeat for me since its release. Meredith, based in Vancouver and originally from Australia, has truly leveled up with this one. “Stay Open” is a smooth blend of soul, jazz, and R&B, featuring a classic guitar riff and a vibrant three-piece horn section, all recorded live to capture that nostalgic 70s vibe.

The song was inspired by Meredith’s own experiences of moving to a new city and the challenges that came with it. Her powerful vocals and meaningful lyrics remind us to stay open to new experiences, no matter how tough things get. Trust me, you’re going to love this track as much as I do and make sure to follow Meredith Louise on social media for more amazing music and updates.