Meadowlark graces our blog once more, this time with their emotionally stirring track, “I Want Love (Like I Give My Love).” This poignant song starts with the tender tones of piano chords laid upon a cinematic backdrop, setting the stage for what unfolds into a deeply affecting musical work. The track is an indie folk anthem for those feeling unfulfilled in relationships, where they lose themselves while their needs remain unmet.

The song’s rhythm is marked by distant percussion, accompanying soft vocals that express the soul’s toll in an unfulfilling relationship: “I feel like a wound left behind, saying ‘that’s alright… that’s alright… that’s alright…’” Its sparse arrangement seems intentional, reflecting the emptiness one might feel when love given is not reciprocated, and the fear of demanding more from a partner. The chorus serves as a heartfelt cry for equal love and care.

“I Want Love (Like I Give My Love)” resonates as a lifeline for those exhausted from struggling in unsatisfactory relationships. It reinforces the idea that music can encompass any form of pain. This song becomes a comforting companion, holding listeners close in their moments of vulnerability, echoing the poignant line: “And even with a mouth full of cyanide, we say good night…”