marky wildtype – “Tell Me Again”

Marky Wildtype’s single “Tell Me Again” is a poignant sonic trip that is a deliberate deviation from the standard, evoking the need to listen to this song again and again. This song from his upcoming album “If Destroyed Still True” was the first to use as a fusion of experimental sounds with unforgiving basslines, whizzing synths, and hooks that are beyond the genre, leading to an anthem with righteous anger behind it.

Marky’s vocal delivery is particularly striking in that it takes the listener through treacherous emotional territory, and it is almost palpable how the snarky fury is expressed. With his capacity to portray complicated emotions, coupled with the way the music is arranged, the song “Tell Me Again” is not simply a song but a whole experience. This is a strong opening statement that clearly hints at the unending story that listeners will experience in the full album.

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