Man With A Corduroy Heart’s debut album, “Things Are A Little Bit…“, is a refreshing blend of sincerity and humor wrapped in the cozy fabric of modern folk music. Released on March 18, 2024, this album stands out for its honest portrayal of life’s quirks, from humorous fantasies about everyday frustrations to cheeky anecdotes that feel both intimate and relatable. The track ‘Little One’ showcases an intimate lullaby-like quality that captures the essence of late-night parenting with a dash of humor, while ‘Doing Nothing’ offers an anti-cliché love song that finds romance in the simplest of moments.

The title track ‘Things Are A Little Bit…’ offers an uplifting take on overcoming negativity. Beyond the engaging lyrics, the artist’ vocal performance is particularly notable for its charming sincerity and warmth, effortlessly drawing listeners into the heart of each story. The decision to embrace the ‘pops, hissing, and unwanted noise’ of home recordings adds a layer of authenticity and charm to the album, mirroring the beautifully imperfect nature of life itself. “Things Are A Little Bit…” is a testament to finding beauty and humor in the every day, making it a must-listen for anyone seeking a heartwarming and genuine musical experience.