Luke Rountree – “Milk River”

Luke Rountree’s first album, “Milk River,” is a heartful and artistically crafted work that bears a signification in his music development. On the 30th of June 2023, this album will be released. It has the ability to unite life, death, love, and God into a fascinating folk-rock tapestry from the dusty Oklahoma background. The 10-track collection is a product of the collaboration between local musicians and the professional production at 33rd Street Studios in Edmond, Oklahoma, which has become a classic Americana folk-rock sound. While the album’s instrumental arrangements are undeniably impressive, what truly makes “Milk River” stand out is Rountree’s vocal performance; his voice carries the emotional weight and depth of the album’s themes with a raw authenticity that can really connect with listeners.

These tracks not only showcase Luke‘s vocal talent but also have received airplay on local Oklahoma City radio, which helps him to be sure that he is already a part of the Americana folk-rock scene. Milk River is a title that does not only stand for an album but also for a soulful journey into the heart and soul of its creator.

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