Hey music lovers! Hayden here, diving into Lost//Youth’s latest EP, “First Light”. If you’re searching for some soul-stirring tunes that feel more like art than algorithmic hits, you’ve got to check this out. Recorded by Ruan Vos and the incredible lead singer Alanna Joy, and polished to perfection by Sloani, this EP is a gem. Each track is a journey through the ups and downs of life, blending soft folk vibes with powerful crescendos that hit just right. Alanna’s voice? Absolutely haunting in the best way, especially in tracks like “Cold” and “Bittersweet.”

You can truly feel the band’s growth in this one, making “First Light” a standout in their discography. It’s introspective, it’s raw, and it’s real. So, give it a listen, and while you’re at it, why not follow Lost//Youth on social media to keep up with their amazing journey? You won’t want to miss what they do next.