Lisa Goldin – “HeartBeat”

The latest single of Lisa Goldin, “HeartBeat”, is an excellent mixture of creativity and rhythm, portraying her as a very talented and versatile songwriter. The song entraps the listener at once with the innovative idea of a constant heartbeat pulse, cleverly intensified during the chorus with double-time beats and complimenting pizzicato strings, which are representative of the theme of eternal love.

Lisa, an international radio, and TV phenomenon, whose credits include Amazon UK’s New and Emerging Artists for 2008, a wardrobe sponsored by Vivienne Westwood, and a top-charting single on Heart FM, remains a star in the music industry. “HeartBeat”, released on 2nd February 2024, is more than just a song—it’s an event that blends Lisa’s illustrious musical past with new, captivating sounds that are sure to appeal to audiences globally.