Lipsticism, the creative project of Chicago-based songwriter and producer Alana Schachtel, has recently unveiled details about their upcoming second album, “Two Mirrors Facing Each Other.” Following the release of the emotionally charged lead single “Sentimental,” Lipsticism returns with its successor, “Transform,” premiering exclusively on HighClouds. “Transform” offers a parallel glimpse into a life filled with positivity, where Schachtel’s voice rides on gusts of heartwarming breezes, assuring us of the beauty that life holds if we dare to seek it.

Since her debut with digital audio workstations in 2013, Schachtel’s prowess as a producer has grown exponentially. She skillfully explores the dynamic relationship between her vocals and synthesizers, resulting in an ethereal sound that occasionally feels otherworldly. Layer by layer, Schachtel builds “Transform,” yet manages to avoid clutter, ensuring that her human touch remains palpable in the snap of drum machine beats and the lingering echo of her voice after the music fades away.

Schachtel describes “Transform” as a song “about meeting someone who sees you through a lens of unconditional love and positive potential.” This unwavering positivity permeates “Transform” with its deep bass pulses and infectious dance floor vibes, creating an alternative disco anthem that will buoy your spirits even in the midst of life’s challenges.