From the vibrant indie-pop scene of Melbourne, Australia, emerges a new talent that is set to redefine the genre. Kirrilee, with her debut EP “Dreaming And Other Dangerous Behaviour,” has crafted a musical journey that is as captivating as it is innovative.

The EP opens with the hit single “Rollercoasters,” a track that perfectly encapsulates Kirrilee’s unique blend of dreamy synth-pop and indie-pop sensibilities. The song is a testament to her exceptional songwriting skills, with lyrics that are both introspective and relatable. The production, courtesy of the renowned Australian producer Brodie Travers, is polished and immersive, creating a soundscape that is both expansive and intimate.

Kirrilee’s vocal style is a standout feature of the EP. Her voice, at once ethereal and grounded, weaves through the tracks with an effortless grace. There’s a raw, emotive quality to her singing that adds depth to her lyrics and brings a tangible sense of authenticity to her music.

The rest of the EP continues in the same vein, with each track offering a new facet of Kirrilee’s musical persona. The songs are diverse yet cohesive, each one a piece of the larger puzzle that is “Dreaming And Other Dangerous Behaviour.” The EP is a journey through the highs and lows of human emotion, with Kirrilee acting as a guide, her music the vehicle.

“Dreaming And Other Dangerous Behaviour” is a remarkable debut that showcases Kirrilee’s immense talent and potential. It’s a testament to her as an artist, a songwriter, and a storyteller. The EP is a dreamy, introspective exploration of the human condition, wrapped in a package of catchy melodies and innovative production.

Kirrilee’s debut EP is a breath of fresh air in the indie-pop scene. It’s a bold statement from a rising star, a declaration of intent that she is here to stay. “Dreaming And Other Dangerous Behaviour” is a must-listen for any fan of indie-pop, and a promising sign of what’s to come from this talented artist. Kirrilee is not just dreaming – she’s making those dreams a reality.