Hey again, Hayden here! I have just had the opportunity to listen to “twenty five,” the newest single by indie pop artist Kelley Cole, and I must say, I am completely blown away by its pure emotion and honesty. This song is a bittersweet but stark look at girlhood, providing a comforting yet electrifying collage of sounds—from wobbly synth lines to warm electric guitars—that perfectly cradle Cole’s expressive vocals. It’s a song that not only reflects those who are trying to survive the chaos of their twenties but also serves as a soothing voice in the middle of life’s stormy seas.

Kelley’s journey in songwriting shines through brilliantly in “twenty five”. It is self-produced, born in a time of financial and emotional vulnerability, which really makes it feel more intimate. The song is a tribute to her development as an artist and her boldness in music, not afraid to reveal the rough edges of life. In my opinion, I find it completely revitalizing to see such sincere artistry that does not hide from the chaos of growing up. Kelley Cole really makes her sufferings into something beautiful and universally understandable, and that is why “twenty five” is a must-listen.