Karen Salicath Jamali’s latest album, “Angel Pollination,” is a captivating and profoundly spiritual journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional music genres. Performed on an 80-year-old Steinway grand piano, the album showcases 11 piano pieces that were inspired by and guided by angels, which Jamali received through dreams. The music can be described as a fusion of New Age, classical, and relaxation music, but it encompasses so much more. It is a voice in the darkness, a fear in the heart that leads to unwavering fearlessness, and a guiding light for the soul when the body grows dim.

Each track on the album is an homage to both the immortal and mortal aspects of humanity, evoking the divine, innocent, and spiritual essence of angels. The solo piano melodies exude love, hope, and faith, making the music accessible and contemporary while retaining a classical sensibility. The album’s cover artwork, featuring Karen’s own art, adds an additional layer of depth and beauty to the overall experience.

Karen Salicath Jamali is a highly acclaimed composer, pianist, and professional American artist. Born in Denmark and residing in New York City and Florida for the past three decades, she graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Design in Copenhagen. Jamali has participated in over 180 exhibitions in museums and galleries worldwide, including the prestigious Louvre Museum in Paris. She has received numerous awards from the international art community.

Karen’s journey as a musician began after a head injury, which opened up a new world for her and led her to play and compose beautiful, meditative music that brought healing to her life. She is now a self-taught composer and musician, having released seven albums, including “Sound of Angels” (2020), “Hope of Angels” (2022), and “Angel Pollination.”

“Angel Pollination” is a testament to Karen’s remarkable ability to create deeply emotive compositions that touch the soul. The album serves as a spiritual pathway to rejuvenation, and Jamali skillfully channels the healing notes from her dreams to the keys of the piano.