Josh Hicks – “Home Is Where The Heart Is”

The new single of Josh Hicks, “Home Is Where the Heart Is”, is a fantastic mix of genres that perfectly captures the universal dilemma of the choice between the safety of home and the attraction of the unfamiliar. Succeeding in A-Listing his singles on BBC Radio Wales, Josh does not fail to amaze with his very powerful falsetto voice that glides effortlessly over a bouncing bass line creating a sound both classic and fresh.

The song’s powerful question “Should I Stay or Leave?” echoes to the core and expresses the dilemma of many young people who struggle to choose between a comfortable life torment and a challenging new life. The way Josh blends pop, soul, and R&B into a compelling story is proof of his exceptional potential and makes “Where Home Is The Heart” an important milestone in his growing career. This tune is not just a piece of music, but rather an experiment, which sets a sonic pattern not only for the present but the past and the future.