Jason Myles Goss’ “Younger Man,” the lead-off track from his latest EP, “Misfit,” is a masterpiece that showcases his unique artistry and deep musical understanding. This song is a remarkable blend of soulful 1970s vibes, drawing comparisons to the legendary Bill Withers, and modern lyrical introspection. The track erupts with a rich, reverb-soaked electric guitar, perfectly complemented by the rhythmic pulse of congas and a solid rhythm section. The addition of a Hammond organ not only enhances the musical depth but also amplifies the confessional tone of the lyrics.

Jason’s songwriting shines in “Younger Man,” where he delves into themes of self-reflection and acknowledgment of personal flaws. The lyric “a bad love… who is all mind and no heart” resonates with poignant honesty, and the metaphor “sometimes the ticking is the bomb” (a likely homage to Nick Flynn) adds a layer of poetic complexity. This track is a standout, combining raw emotional honesty with a soundscape that is both nostalgic and refreshingly contemporary. “Younger Man” is a testament to Jason’s 15 years of dedication to independent music-making, proving that his journey has been one of significant artistic growth and depth.