J0VANNA’s latest single “BOYS AIN’T SH!T” is a strong anthem that grips from its opening note and it departs from her previous love-themed tracks in a bold manner. The song is a blend of indie pop and dark pop with a message of empowerment and self-worth, based on real stories of women rising above unworthy relationships. The work of J0VANNA, written and produced with deep meaning, turns a personal struggle into a global statement of power.

The song, which has been produced by Terrence Rolle and mastered by Grammy-nominated Dave Kutch, is an excellent example of J0VANNA’s growing artistry and her dedication to the voiceless. At the age of 23, the Berklee graduate remains an inspiration with her unique method and obvious talent. “BOYS AIN’T SH!T” isn’t just a song, it is a way to realize one’s worth and demand the respect that everyone deserves.