The self-titled debut EP, “Into the Light” by Into the Light is a sonic revelation that announces the coming of a band ready to make an indelible mark on the music scene. Hailing from Rochester, this talented group has put together a hypnotic fusion of 90s grunge and modern hardcore to form a sound that is nostalgic yet hip at the same time. The EP is a masterclass in musical innovation, featuring a breathtaking variety of soundscapes that are as spacious as they are inspiring.

Each beat from the explosive guitar tones to the driving beats is a new journey into new dimensions of audible entertainment. The vocals are gutsy and heartfelt and fit perfectly with the magnetic tunes that define the EP. 3 stand-out singles are the ‘Manuscript’ and ‘Bridge’ which were brilliantly remastered on the release while the ‘Camera Shy’ emerges as a post-release gem showing the versatility and depths of the group.

The EP was recorded at More Sound Recording Studio with the skillful help of producer Steve Sopchak, which is representative of the careful planning and creative spirit that went into its creation. 2022 saw the formation of Into the Light, which not only presents a spectacular first release but also one filled with the promise of inventive music for the future – a future filled with more live shows and a full-length album. “Into the Light “ – the band’s new EP has set a high standard for themselves and the genre, thus setting a new record for the fans of the genre-blending music.