Hey everyone, Hayden here again with another release! Just got a listen to “SPACE” by Heavy Bloom and oh man, what a treat. It’s a mesmerizing blend of alt and R&B that just wraps around you like a warm blanket. Joji and Jeanie, along with the gang, Cory, Demarcus, and Jacob, have really crafted something special. They started from a cramped apartment and have blossomed into this vocally driven group that’s all about smooth vibes and soulful melodies.

If you’re into sounds that echo Lianne La Havas or Mariah Carey with a twist of something fresh, you’ll dig this. Honestly, this song is a sonic hug that you’ll want to experience over and over. Don’t sleep on it, go give them a follow on their social media to catch all the latest drops and behind-the-scenes action. Trust me, your playlist will thank you! Check them out on Instagram, Facebook, or Spotify.