Harriette Briscoe’s latest single, “Walking with the Lights Out,” is a soulful and captivating track that showcases her undeniable talent as a singer and songwriter. The song is centered around the theme of walking with the light of God, emphasizing the idea that He will never leave nor forsake. Briscoe’s powerful vocals and emotive lyrics create an atmosphere of hope and reassurance, making this song a testament to her passion for music and her strong faith.

Briscoe has been making waves in the music industry with her unique blend of R&B and soul. Her captivating voice and heartfelt lyrics have garnered her a loyal following, and her latest single is no exception. “Walking with the Lights Out” is a beautiful reminder of the power of faith and the importance of staying true to oneself.

As an artist, Harriette Briscoe is not only talented but also highly engaged with her fans. You can follow her and be sure to stay connected with her on social media to keep up with her latest releases and updates on her musical journey.

In conclusion, “Walking with the Lights Out” is a powerful and inspiring song that showcases Harriette Briscoe’s incredible talent as a singer and songwriter. Her soulful voice, combined with her emotive lyrics, creates a truly captivating listening experience. Don’t miss out on this talented artist and her inspiring music.