Gary Dranow’s song “Sandy Beaches” is a touching and well-made piece that explores the feelings of stress experienced by a homeless soldier in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. Gary’s touching words and heartfelt tune touch a deep place, catching the core of how an old soldier fights with ghostly memories from his time in service. The story of the song is clear and can be understood by anyone. The song’s narrative is both specific and universal, making it relatable to veterans of various conflicts, from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The music combines well with the idea, as every sound reflects the good and bad parts of a soldier’s trip. “Sandy Beaches” isn’t just a tune; it’s also honoring those who gave service and reminds us of the hard times many veterans still deal with. This is a strong work that gives not just fun but also learns and feels for others, making it needed to be heard by anyone who likes music with lots of feeling and thought.