Frankie Master, hailing from Chicago, once again graces our blog with another single from her forthcoming album, “Aseasonal Sadness.” This latest track, titled “Pathos,” delves into the ways in which technology can hinder human connections, where “empathy becomes a unique identity rather than a certainty of being human.”

“Pathos” unfolds with guitar work that evokes reminiscences of Fugazi’s later compositions—not entirely pristine, yet not completely drenched in overdrive. Instead, there’s a radiant saturation that envelops each note, casting a luminous aura. The rhythm section swiftly joins in, infusing the track with an irresistible pulse that beckons even the most obstinate feet to sway to the beat. The production skillfully carves out space for Frankie’s divine vocals, one of the standout qualities that have endeared her to our hearts. In this track, she appears to have harnessed a touch of distortion, likely courtesy of a tube preamp, allowing her voice to meld seamlessly with the mix, providing a striking contrast against the predominantly clean instrumental backdrop.

This vocal effect also grants Frankie’s voice a timeless quality amid a modern production, particularly when she effortlessly ascends into her upper register. While the song was initially presented to us as indie pop, it tiptoes tantalizingly close to the brink of distortion, offering a glimpse into the possibilities before gracefully veering towards a more melodious direction. Whether intentional or not, this could serve as a metaphor for how individuals often teeter on the verge of forging genuine connections before retreating into the digital realm of their smartphones.

“Pathos” takes several production risks, yet it retains an innate radio-friendly quality, though we suspect it was crafted with a live audience in mind. Given her local presence, we are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to attend one of her live performances to put this theory to the test. In the meantime, we invite you to join us in spinning “Pathos” as we eagerly await the release of her LP.