Fatihah’s newest single “Elevate Your Mind” is living proof of his amazing rap journey. Fatihah is famous for his resilience and unwavering dedication, carving out a niche for himself, from ruling iconic freestyle battles to teaming up with respected underground legends. In this track, his loyalty to authenticity and raw lyricism comes out and he is showered with praises from both fellow artists and fans.

“Elevate Your Mind” is more than a track; it’s a feeling of what real hip-hop is all about. The track’s catchy beats and witty lyrics encourage the listener to go deeper into their mind, and it is a must-listen for everyone who wants to connect with music on a deep level. The mastery of Fatihah in storytelling and his skill in weaving complex narratives with ease is apparent, making “Elevate Your Mind” a turning point in his career.