The first EP of Express Office Portico, “Incommunicado”, becomes a bright spot on the indie-synth-pop scene, showing their increasing strength and individual sound. Following the success of some unforgettable singles and a triumphant headline tour, the quintet’s debut EP is a thoughtful and reflective exploration of the complexities of communication in our modern world.

The EP was produced by Joshua Rumble and it explores themes of recovery, introspection, and the sometimes difficult path to self-realization and understanding of others. The vocal performance in the entire EP is indeed a highlight of the band’s commitment and passion. Sung in the innovative setting of a makeshift vocal booth, the vocals on songs like “No One” and “Are You Yourself?” are full of raw emotion and realness and attract the listener. A somber narrative is skillfully combined with musical arrangements that are thought-provoking, and that evoke a multitude of feelings, so that “Incommunicado” is not only an auditory experience but a deep exploration of the human condition.