“The Three Things” by Elizabeth Shepherd is an impressive mix of soul-jazz, that has the listener in its grasp from the very first sound. Created in the solitude of Quebec’s lockdown, this album is a symbol of creativity and strength. Elizabeth is a singer, pianist, and vocalist who raises the common sounds – bird songs, clicks of typewriters, noise from the garbage cans, and warmth of laughter – to the level of instruments, creating a soundscape that is innovation meets warmth.

“Three Things” is much more than just an album; it’s a voyage of beauty behind the mundane of life, pulling us to the miracles that embrace us regardless of the adversities we meet. In Chelsea, at the Pizza Express’ The Pheasantry, a performance not to miss will come, a night where the magic of “Three Things” will happen. This album, her 7th studio work, cements Elizabeth’s standing as one of the most important voices in current jazz, presenting the audience with a divine musical treat that resides in their ears long after the last chord is gone.