d’Z’s latest release, titled ‘Something’ is a breath of air, in the world of contemporary jazz-funk. It represents a milestone in the artist’s evolving journey. Since debuting in 2018 d’Z has shown growth in collaborating with artists from around the globe and refining his sound.

This new single, which came out on December 1st 2023 pays homage to the iconic funk band Tower of Power while infusing it with a jazz twist. The way d’Z effortlessly combines these genres creates a sound that’s both forward thinking. The instrumentation, in ‘Something New’ is layered and vibrant showcasing d’Z’s arrangements and a deep understanding of funk and jazz.

The contribution of singer Ingmar Glerum deserves mention. His soulful and clear voice perfectly captures the uplifting message of the song. The lyrics encourage listeners to embrace change and celebrate life with renewed enthusiasm. With grooves and expert musicianship ‘Something New’ transcends being a song; it becomes an invitation to experience joy and rejuvenation.

‘Something New’ serves as a display of d’Z’s talent and versatility.”This track not only pays homage to the greats of funk. Also pushes the boundaries of the genre exploring new and thrilling territories. If you’re eager to delve into the evolving realm of jazz and funk this song is a must listen.